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IQ Tests in Logical Thinking : Anagrams of Animals II

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Unscramble each word below to form an animal name.

1. Barged
Answer: Badger

Barged : intruded ; pushed in
Badger : large burrowing animal with black and white stripes on head

2. Clot
Answer: Colt

Colt : young horse

3. Nacre
Answer: Crane

Nacre : mother of pearl
Crane : large wading bird

4. Doing
Answer: Dingo

Dingo : wild dog found in Australia

5. Ode
Answer: Doe

Ode : poem
Doe : female of deer, rabbit or hare

6. Laden
Answer: Eland

Laden : loaded
Eland : Antelope found in South Africa

7. Wee
Answer: Ewe

Wee : tiny ; very small
Ewe : female sheep

8. Loaf
Answer: Foal

Foal : young horse or ass

9. Gun
Answer: Gnu

Gnu : large heavy antelope

10. Amherst
Answer: Hamster

Hamster : rodent like large rat

11. Paroled
Answer: Leopard

Paroled : released with condition to not escape
Leopard : large carnivorous animal having fawn coat with dark spots

12. Lesions
Answer: Lioness

Lesions : regions damaged by disease or injury in organs
Lioness : female lion

13. Ream
Answer: Mare

Ream : 480 to 500 sheets of paper ; twenty quires of paper
Mare : female horse

14. Pooled
Answer: Poodle

Poodle : pet dog with long thick curly hair

15. Corona
Answer: Racoon

Corona : circle of light around something
Racoon : carnivorous animal with bushy tail found in America

16. Mar
Answer: Ram

Mar : spoil
Ram : male sheep

17. Ales
Answer: Seal

Ales : kinds of beer or malt liquor
Seal : amphibious animal with silky fur

18. Alpines
Answer: Spaniel

Spaniel : dog with long silky hair and large drooping ears

19. Tags
Answer: Stag

Stag : male deer

20. Wallows
Answer: Swallow

Wallows : rolls in mud, water, etc.
Swallow : swift insectivorous bird with forked tail and pointed wings

21. Retirer
Answer: Terrier

Terrier : small lively dog that likes to burrow

22. Kay
Answer: Yak

Yak : ox with long hair found in Asia

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