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IQ Tests in Logical Thinking : Anagrams of Colors

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Unscramble each word below to form the name of a color.

1. ant
Answer: tan

tan : yellowish-brown

2. bream
Answer: amber

bream : freshwater fish

3. carol
Answer: coral

carol : happy song ; Christmas hymn

4. cartels
Answer: scarlet

cartels : unions of manufacturers for controlling prices

5. cheap
Answer: peach

cheap : not expensive

6. chore
Answer: ocher

Answer: green

genre : style of literature or art

8. magnate
Answer: magenta

magnate : rich influential person usually in business
magenta : purplish-red

9. onager
Answer: orange

onager : wild ass

10. sliver
Answer: silver

sliver : small thin strip

11. withe
Answer: white

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