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Business to business commerce opportunities at Syvum

Syvum offers the following services and products to businesses:
  1. Advertising and sponsorship: Syvum offers a unique opportunity to advertisers interested in reaching students, educators and families in over 140 countries. Over the last four years, Syvum has created a strong following among its growing user base. While industry standards for click-through rate on banner ads is falling, down from a high of 10% in 1995 to 0.3% according to recent reports, Syvum can deliver a much higher click-through rate of 2% or more (results may vary). To run a targeted advertising campaign or to sponsor entire sections on this web site, please contact us.

  2. Content provision: Syvum can offer you top quality content at very reasonable rates. If you like any of the interactive and dynamic activities and quizzes on Syvum, and would like to host them on your site, we can provide you with seamless ways of integration. We can also help you if you would like custom content using Syvum technology. Please contact us with your requirements.

  3. SyvumClick DictionaryTM: This is a new invention from Syvum. It enables any web page to provide an easy way of word lookups in an online dictionary, by simply marking (selecting/highlighting) the word to be looked up. If you are interested in providing this feature and significantly enhance the experience of your users, please contact us for licensing information.

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