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Quiz format :
Tip: Flash Cards may be added as an additional format in the next step for quizzes that are fill in the blank or multiple choice types.

Note that you will need to review the template and save the quiz in the next step.


Delimiter character: $

Text to import:

France $ Paris
Germany $ Berlin
Hungary $ Budapest
India $ New Delhi
Malaysia $ Kuala Lumpur
Mexico $ Mexico City

Note that question and answer are separated by the delimiter character ($ in this case), but are required to be on the same line. For ease of uploading, you may create your quizzes in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Spreadsheet, and save it as a "tab separated file." You can paste the content of that file here and select the delimiter character field as "Tab".

Explanations and Hints

An optional explanation and hint may be added to the text with additional delimiter characters. For instance, to add an explanation and hint to the entry for France above, following may be done:
France $ Paris $ Paris is situated on the banks of river Seine. $ Eiffel Tower is in this city
Note that either the explanation or hint may be left blank by not entering anything between the delimiters (or leaving the cell blank, if using a spreadsheet to create the text).

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