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From: syvumReply 1 of 2Reply
Subject: Puzzles & Brain Teasers : Up an Escalator
   Discuss this puzzle with other Syvum members in this forum.	If you have
   alternative solution procedures, or questions about this puzzles, feel free
   to post them here.

Posted at: Sun Jul 13 03:39:21 2003 (GMT)

From: myadaloReply 2 of 2Reply
Subject: Just some thoughts.......
   In the solution provided, the reduction in the number of steps run from 15
   to 7 (=8) causes an increase in time from 17.5s to 37.5s (=20s). 20/8=2.5s
   is the time for 1 step to go up on its own. 
   How can we calculate the total number of steps by 7 + 37.5/2.5? 37.5s is the
   total time for the escalator to go up  including running 7 out of all steps.
   If we use 37.5/2.5, we are assuming every step is taking a constant 2.5s but
   how can this be possible when some steps are run up while others are not?
   What if we look at it this way?
   Running 8 more steps reduces the travel time by 20s.  2.5s will then refers
   to the time taken to run up a step.
   If he never run at all as compared to running 7 steps, increases the time
   travel by 17.5s (7 x 2.5s).	Thus total time needed = 37.5s + 17.5s = 55s.
   My doubt is: if this is also correct, how can the time taken to run up a
   step = time the escalator go up by a step on its own (i.e both 2.5s)??? 

Posted at: Fri Feb 18 18:47:22 2005 (GMT)

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