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Discussion topic: Puzzles & Brain Teasers : The Great Pizza Deal

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From: syvumReply 1 of 6Reply
Subject: Puzzles & Brain Teasers : The Great Pizza Deal
   Discuss this puzzle with other Syvum members in this forum.	If you have
   alternative solution procedures, or questions about this puzzles, feel free
   to post them here.

Posted at: Sun Jul 13 03:39:21 2003 (GMT)

From: vidya_rReply 2 of 6Reply         View replies (1)
Subject: Wrong answer in thesolutions page
   The exact answer is 12.92518 ~ 13%. It can be checked with calculator.  At
   one place in your solution, 3.1 is taken as 3 resulting in about 2% error. 
   Please correct it.

Posted at: Tue Feb 10 17:32:01 2004 (GMT)

From: zandraReply 3 of 6Reply
Subject: hi
   um hi, i don't know what to say!  im new thats all!	what do you mean!  ok i
   know what you mean now, i once did the IQ test and i was prety good, it gets
   a bit boring after a while!

Posted at: Tue May 25 00:06:29 2004 (GMT)

From: quitaReply 4 of 6Reply
Subject: the great pizza deal
   the answer is ten percent and i definantly don't know how that has happened 

Posted at: Wed Dec 12 17:11:58 2007 (GMT)

From: quitaReply 5 of 6Reply
Subject: hello
   i am also new here it feels good to talk to people online thats why i am
   here but if you need any thing i am here i love to solve problems and help
   people thats actually fun for me well i need to go running short of words so

Posted at: Wed Dec 12 17:14:43 2007 (GMT)

From: quitaReply 6 of 6Reply
Subject: Re: Wrong answer in thesolutions page
    arent you the smart one i like that you have a good head on your shoulders
   keep it up 

Posted at: Wed Dec 12 17:16:10 2007 (GMT)

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