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Discussion topic: Puzzles & Brain Teasers : The Snake in the Hole

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From: syvumReply 1 of 3Reply
Subject: Puzzles & Brain Teasers : The Snake in the Hole
   Discuss this puzzle with other Syvum members in this forum.	If you have
   alternative solution procedures, or questions about this puzzles, feel free
   to post them here.

Posted at: Sun Jul 13 03:39:21 2003 (GMT)

From: biggeorgeReply 2 of 3Reply
   It takes 150 seconds from the time the nose of the snake enters the
   hole(crosses the entrance)until the nose exits.  But the snake is not
   considered exited until the entire body clears the exit.  Technically,
   therefore the proper answer is 150 + 14 or 164 seconds.

Posted at: Tue Feb 10 05:20:19 2004 (GMT)

From: oscar_jsReply 3 of 3Reply
   The second part statement is somewhat misleading since one could infer that
   the snake has just finished entering the hole, as in the first part of the
   puzzle. This would make the answer obvious. The second part statement should
   then mention that the snake enters the hole until its end, in order to avoid
   any doubt.

Posted at: Fri Jun 26 13:01:32 2009 (GMT)

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