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From: syvumReply 1 of 2Reply
Subject: Puzzles & Brain Teasers : Fill it Up
   Discuss this puzzle with other Syvum members in this forum.	If you have
   alternative solution procedures, or questions about this puzzles, feel free
   to post them here.

Posted at: Sun Jul 13 03:39:21 2003 (GMT)

From: cambleuReply 2 of 2Reply
Subject: 2 Decimal Places?
   To 2 decimal places, the answer to the puzzle is 0.49 rather than 0.5 as the
   solution says. Why put "to 2 places of decimal" when you mean "to the
   nearest quarter"?

Posted at: Wed Feb 16 23:49:54 2005 (GMT)

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