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From: gmat82Reply 21 of 27Reply
Subject: Censorship is needed
   In my opinion,censorship is needed in some parts of the world and works well
   everywhere. I understand censorship like "modifying products" to local
   public. Why do You think US modifies all imported cars? There is the same
   logic. Moreover reality is somewhat different from ideal rule. We hear often
   government speaking freedom of speech, democratism, free market economy. But
   in reality one can hardly find hundreed percent free market economy or
   democratism. The govenment interferes in every spheres to the some extent in
   order to avoid bad consequences. From this point there is censorhsip in
   television or radio programs in everywhere to the some extent in order to
   avoid bad consequences of "bad media". Besides, nations differ by
   geographical location,religion,tradition,life-style. One thing might be
   ethical in one's mind while it is considered unethical in another one's
    Briefly, censorship is a "mechanism" that modifies and reproduce
   information to the local people according to their  religion,tradition,

Posted at: Wed Jan 7 21:16:59 2009 (GMT)

From: annie56Reply 22 of 27Reply
Subject: Government and other bodies should be allowed to censor public media
   I agree with the fact that degree of cencorship for improper content and
   language in radio and television varies in different countries. There are
   cultural differences between peoples living in different part of the world
   which led to difference in opinion, values. Certain things might be
   acceptable by one group but might be unaccpetable by a different groups of
   Countries like America, France are more open in their cultural. Countries
   like India and Islamic countries are bit conservative. Its not something
   negative for any community to be more conservative. Its just a mere fact
   that these people living in different parts of the worlds have different way
   of seeing things. On media perpective we can see that western coutries have
   beers, drinks advertisements and to some extent their movies are more vulgur
   sometime as compared to the advertisements and movies of the eastern
   I am in favour of government and other social bodies regulation to be
   imposed to censor public media. Every culture has its own value and people
   living in that culture respect its entity which is based on their moral
   values. If there is something offensive as per their views  then it should
   not be allowed to be shown in public. There are communities were parents are
   quite frank with the children regarding certain things like sex, where there
   is no boundations on media to advertise for drinks, and ciggretes, which are
   not acceptable for other parts of the world. Here govenment and social
   bodies comes into picture to play their roles. A child who is immmature
   enough can get a wrong idea and somehow get persuaded by these
   advertisements and get into smoking or drinking. 
   To make my point I am giving an example of a child whose parents believe
   that till a certain age he should be devoid of learning anything about sex.
   They think it is wrong as per the views. Now if their is any public display
   of any vulgur act related to sex, then parents might get worried about the
   same. This will lead to making rules and regulations when it happens with a
   large number of people having the same opinion and eventually it leads to
   government and social bodies intervention with the moral policing and rules
   and regulations. 
   To make thinks right everything needs supervision. Their are rules,
   regulations and parameters set for each and every activity we perform in our
   daily life. Be these rules and regulation are on personal level or might be
   on society level. To conclude the same it is necesarry to have a regulation
   body like govenment or any other social body to censor public media.

Posted at: Tue Mar 10 07:09:35 2009 (GMT)

From: megha6788Reply 23 of 27Reply
Subject: Re: GMAT AWA / AWM : Analysis of Issue Topic 1 - Censor / censorship of televisi
   Censorship of televison and radio has been argued  long before on the
   grounds of morality and freedom. However we still fail to draw any permanent
   , consistent boundaries that shall confine mass media communication.
   Television and radio are important means of awareness among common people.
   But we often find news channels and radio programmmes being prohibited to
   telecast their shows ,under political crisis. Where countries like U.S offer
   extensive freedom of speech to mass media, (for instance President Barack
   Obama talking of kicking the asses of those responsible for B.P crisis on
   national televison) , countries like Pakistan bar news channels  propogating
   any protest against military rule. In such circumstances often the countries
   twist and turn the Censorship rules to suit their convenience. 
   In due course , we realize that we must have consistent censorship rules
   binding all nations. While freedom of expression being our fundamental
   right, televison and radio must not be prohibited from reporting the facts
   and opinions, care must be taken of restricting this freedom to interfere in
   private lives of people. Use of offensive language can be restricted only if
   we can define fine lines between aggression and offense. Censor Board of
   different countries should come together and frame common guidelines for
   censorship. In the era of globalization no country can survive barring its
   people in the  cages of censorship. Sooner or later we’ll all come across
   intertwined cultures and then the existing rules of censorship in our
   country will dangle in doubts.

Posted at: Mon Jul 12 17:32:20 2010 (GMT)

From: kanchanaramanReply 24 of 27Reply
Subject: The degree of censorship for improper content and language in radio and televisi
   Censorship may be defined as the exercise of control over ideas/expressions
   sought to be communicated by media such as radio and television, to their
   consumers. With this definition, it is apparent that the degree of
   censorship would vary from country to country.
   Some of the reasons for this are the differences in cultures. What would be
   acceptable language and views in one country would not be necessarily
   acceptable in another country. Thus cultural sensitivities would direct the
   extent of censorship in a country. For example, views encouraging
   emancipation of women would not be acceptable in certain traditional Islamic
   countries, whereas, societies with a western outlook would not find such
   views as unacceptable.
   Similarly, the political environment plays an important role in censorship.
   Democratic countries tend to be more liberal in tolerating diverse views and
   dissent. Dictatorships and Communist regimes on the other hand , are  heavy
   handed when it comes to views that are contrary to the core philosophy of
   the government. In fact ,the other extreme, I.e propaganda is often
   evidenced in such dictatorial regimes. Independent radio and television
   stations may seldom be permitted to operate in such countries. 
   To sum up, the extent of censorship in the media cannot be concluded to be
   the same in different countries in view of the variable social and political
   environments prevailing in different countries.

Posted at: Sun Sep 19 13:35:26 2010 (GMT)

From: loantran75Reply 25 of 27Reply
Subject: Issue Topic 1. The degree of censorship for improper content and language in rad
   In this high technologie time, Media play an important role in how to
   influent our thought and our behaviour. 
   We are aware that somme government has strictly controlled on what to be
   diffused on television or on Radio. There is no freedom language in these
   countries. People can't express themselves. They can't show to the world the
   negative aspect of their country in order to improve the situation to get
   the better life. 
   However, we should be diligent on television show containing. As per the
   introduction, media can change our mind and our view. This influence is very
   dangerous especially for children or adolescence. They are too young to
   distinguish what is right to do and what is wrong. Also, parents can't
   control all what they are watching.
   Nowadays, there is more and more crime and violent in the dmoderned society,
   Due to the fact that we watch all kind of action movies with the violent
   scene. Without maturity or life experience, the youth tries to imitate their
   hero in the movie.
   Generally speaking, on the politic view, we need the freedom language on the
   television and the radio to against all unloyalty government and to improve
   the situation. the other hand, we should control of all the program to
   prevent and to reduce all violence in the youth.

Posted at: Sat Oct 9 13:50:58 2010 (GMT)

From: zennetkaurReply 26 of 27Reply
Subject: In the united states .......
   I just started preparing for the GMAT so might not be that great, but I took
   only one aspect of the censorship in one country and have not compared it
   yet . The points used in the essay provided were great though.
   Issue Topic 1. The degree of censorship for improper content and language in
   radio and television programs varies in different countries. 
   Television has a huge impact on today’s generation that includes even the
   teens or the youngsters in their twenties. They tend to follow the trends
   that see on television and try to follow the foul language they hear on
   television. Now the question that arises is till what extent shall this
   improper language be banned or censored? The extent till where no one can
   hear it all. This image portrays to the youngsters that it seems to be
   “cool” as they explicitly say in school or class to use, vandalizing is
   a common issue now days and that too results from all of these television
   acts that they seem to follow . The content on the radio should be used to
   only an extent where music is plain and no foul language seems to take over
   it. Most of the people are seen to be tuning on their radios while driving
   to and fro from work and they seem to be enjoying and nodding their heads to
   the beat yet what they do not realize is that they nodding their heads to
   foul language songs! They are encouraging these young artists to stablalize
   this act of using improper language and that too making it popular. 
   Youngsters not only use that in school with their class mates but they tend
   to encourage the behavior that comes along with it that includes the
   negative portrayal towards their professors and teachers as well as their
   elders. They do not value what these people mean in their lives. These
   encouragements of only words can lead the youngsters to the path of drugs
   and violence and provoke them to gang up with many others which could have
   been a path of success and education they change the path to violence, drugs
   and become abusive. 
   It is very easy to stop the language content on both the television and the
   radio but as easy it is to stop that it is the same difficult to stop these
   youngsters who become influenced by these contents and start violent acts in
   public and that too end up killing many of the people around them and also
   their own family. The choice is ours whether to encourage the stoppage of
   the content on the television or the stoppage of the youngsters that will be
   killing each other through the acts of improper content. Or at the end
   stopping both in the first place. 
   One should encourage country music or motivational scenarios in their acts
   and their television programs that could end up resulting in positive acts
   in the world. Many of the acts could be prevent and even depression would
   become uncommon among these teens because of the acts of trying to fit in
   the college and trying to impress the others around them. 

Posted at: Mon Nov 8 09:45:33 2010 (GMT)

From: jainhReply 27 of 27Reply
Subject: Re: GMAT AWA / AWM : Analysis of Issue Topic 1 - Censor / censorship of televisi
   > Discuss this issue with other Syvum members in this forum.  Feel free to
   > post your own points or your essays here for the benefit of others, or to
   > receive feedback.
   Right to freedom of speech and Right of Free media are one of the most
   important part of any democratic society. In words of great democratic and
   freedom fighter of India, Pandit Jawharlal Nehru "Means of mass
   communication serve the mouth piece of ideal Governance". Truly, these words
   admires the role of these media in bringing important societal issues to
   fore front and become a means of change inn society. However, Sometime these
   media houses use there freedom excessively. Applying censorship to these
   media houses not only  endanger the role which these media houses plays but
   also make them vulnerable to Government restrictions.   

Posted at: Mon Apr 27 19:16:29 2015 (GMT)

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