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Discussion topic: Analysis of Issue Topic 6 -- Following the terrorist attacks in the US...

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Subject: Analysis of Issue Topic 6 -- Following the terrorist attacks in the US...
   "Following the terrorist attacks in the United States on September
   11th,where the Al-queda acquired bombmaking and terrorist Knowledge over
   internet,many lawmakers have proposed that an inernational body regulate the
   internet so that which provide information to terrorists could be
   I  agree with the lawmakers proposal and and shall present an argument
   favoring the lawmakers.The Internet may be viewed as a vast digital library.
   The World Wide Web alone offers about a billion pages of information, much
   of it freeand much of it of interest to terrorist organizations.
   Terrorists, for instance, can learn from the Internet a wide variety of
   details about targets such as transportation facilities, nuclear power
   plants, public 
   buildings, airports, and ports, and even about counterterrorism
   measures.They use the Internet to collect intelligence on those targets,
   especially critical economic nodes, and modern software enables them to
   study structural weaknesses in facilities as well as predict 
   the cascading failure effect of attacking certain systems.
   Like many other Internet users, terrorists have access not only to maps and
   diagrams of potential targets but also to imaging data on those same
   facilities and networks that may reveal counterterrorist activities at a
   target site.
   Bombmaking information is literally at the fingertips of anyone with access
   to a home computer equipped with an internet connection.Much of the
   information available in print pertaining to nuclear weapons also can be
   found on the Internet.  A number of websites have included compilations of
   nuclear weapons information gleaned from literature elsewhere in the public
   domain.It is important to note that, even if a user of the World Wide Web
   not know the specific location of a website containing bombmaking
   information, such data can easily be located with a search engine. 
   Anyone interested in manufacturing a bomb, dangerous weapon, or a weapon of
   mass destruction can easily obtain detailed instructions from readily
   accessible sources, such as legitimate reference books, available on the
   Internet. Many evidences suggests that, in a number of 
   crimes involving the employment of such weapons and devices, defendants have
   relied upon such material in manufacturing and using such items. 
   Terrorists can use internet not only to learn how to build bombs but also to
   plan and coordinate specific attacks.The great virtues of the Internetease
   of access, lack of 
   regulation, vast potential audiences, fast flow of information, and so
   forthhave been turned to the advantage of groups committed to terrorizing
   societies to achieve their goals.
   Terrorists can use chat rooms to plan operations and operatives exchange
   e-mail to coordinate actions across the world. 
   In conclusion , I strongly think that it is necessary that an international
   body,  control and regulate the internet sites . At	the same time it is
   also necessary that the society must become better informed about the uses
   to which terrorists put the Internet and better able to monitor their

Posted at: Tue Apr 20 20:58:45 2004 (GMT)

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