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Discussion topic: Analysis of Issue 1: Censhorship

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Subject: Analysis of Issue 1: Censhorship
   The author presents a very debatable topic of whether the governments should
   be allowed to censor TV and radio programmes. The answer may well lie in
   between the two extremes of answers: Yes and No. I think censorship is
   important but at the same time it must not shield the truth of the world
   from the people.
    Firstly, Censorship is a prime tool to protect the children from exposure
   to indecent and violent activities shown or immorally publicized by some
   media. Also, although the Television audience is far greater at risk of such
   immorality shown even a small impact left by the radio on these young,
   growing and inquisitive minds should never be undermined. If children are
   allowed or even if mistakenly, are exposed to such objectionable programs
   there are chances that it can disturb their proper mental and physical
    Censorship although is primarily concerned with objecting violent and lewd
   contents, it also has an imortant role in preventing any form of socially or
   politically disturbing materials. In this diverse world it is quite obvious
   that many ideologies clash. History has shown us that there are some maniacs
   and fanatics who, if allowed to propagate their ideas can lead this world to
   greater levels of destruction. Censor-board must have the right to disallow
   any such material that may lead people to wrong paths.
     However, it is not just the effectiveness of the censor board that must be
   the point of attention but also the members of the board. The Censor-board
   personnels must not represent any political party or have a dogmatic
   approach towards their ideologies. It is quite possible that an oppressive
   and tyrannical regime may use the power of censorship to suppress his
   oppositions and propagandize his own ideologies. This would mar every
   person's right for freedom of expression.
    Also, it is worth noting that over-sensorship is itself undemocratic in
   nature. The adult-people must be allowed to decide for themselves about the
   offensiveness of any content. So, if censor comes in way of the majority of
   the people's right, it is obvious it will be disliked and may become
   non-functional at a later time. Therefore it is necessary for such body to
   allow certain programmes that would please the adult audience too.
    Thus, it is imperative to have a functional Censor-body in order to prevent
   any detrimental programmes to be viewed. However,it is also important that
   such a body should be an independant one  composed of highly educated and
   respected personnels representing the general public and their opinions.

Posted at: Thu Nov 10 19:06:49 2005 (GMT)

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