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From: jam31Reply 61 of 62Reply
Subject: Contributed Answer/Explanation to Q. 44
   the answer is 
   the world was divided into two super blocs 
   1). the soviet union:- it consists all the bolkan states and russia 
   2).anglo american group:- it consists of usa, france, bratain

Posted at: Fri Nov 5 10:34:18 2010 (GMT)

From: jam31Reply 62 of 62Reply
Subject: Contributed Answer/Explanation to Q. 42
   the answer is 
   the bombing of pearl habour by japan was a big mistake as usa got furious
   and bombed the city of hiroshima and nagasakhi with the most deadliest
   weapon called the nuclear bomb. due to this japan was shattered this bombing
   caused loss of millions of lives and caused great damage to property. The
   future japanese generations also showed effects of this

Posted at: Fri Nov 5 10:38:39 2010 (GMT)

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