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From: shanthakumarhpReply 1 of 2Reply
Subject: Contributed Answer/Explanation to Q. 1
   Mail orders shopping is placing orders by post whereas, Tele Shopping is the
   order placed through Telephone.

Posted at: Mon Jan 11 10:36:44 2010 (GMT)

From: shanthakumarhpReply 2 of 2Reply
Subject: Contributed Answer/Explanation to Q. 3
   Stale cheques are date barred and Post Dated Cheques are given for a future
   A Stale cheque is date barred one.  Any cheque will necessarily have a
   validity period,  from the date of its issue.  Once the current
   date lies beyond the validity period, then the cheque becomes stale.
    Assume Mr.A gives a cheque dated 1-Jun-2009 to Mr. B.  In Indian
   Scenario  normal validity period is 6 months.  Going by this, upto
   30-Nov-2009, the cheque is valid and on 1-Dec-2009, the cheque becomes
   A Post Dated Cheque means issuing a cheque today with a future date.  In
   the above example, Mr. A gives a cheque to Mr. B on 1-Jun-09 but the date on
   the cheque is 30-Jun-09, then till 29-Jun-09, the cheque is Post dated one.

Posted at: Mon Jan 11 10:41:29 2010 (GMT)

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