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From: nofencesReply 1 of 1Reply
Subject: proportions
   I'm in the midst of preparing this dish and though I reduced the servings to
   reflect a meal for two, I still feel like the proportions seem to be off.
   For example, I thought I would use a single large eggplant rather than two
   medium eggplants, because I couldn't find any that I felt were of medium
   size. However, I could only fit one half of my large eggplant in my wok when
   I combined it with the other ingredients. I also suggest dicing the eggplant
   and potatoes rather than slicing, because now that I'm midway through the
   cooking process, I feel as though the vegetables would probably have cooked
   better if they were cut into smaller sizes. Hopefully it will still turn out

Posted at: Mon Nov 15 20:32:39 2010 (GMT)

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