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Discussion topic: reading comprehension???!!!!

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From: saswata_greReply 1 of 4Reply         View replies (1)
Subject: reading comprehension???!!!!
   i can't score well in the reading comprehension part. Please give me some
   effective suggestions to improve my verbal score..

Posted at: Thu Feb 22 20:27:16 2007 (GMT)

From: sakthisuryakumarReply 2 of 4Reply
Subject: Re: reading comprehension???!!!!
   i would suggest you to see where tips for improving your reading
   comprehension ability is mentioned brilliantly. i think it's better if you
   are able to convert the reading comprehension into your mother tongue and
   understand it so that you answer it easily.

Posted at: Thu Jun 24 16:58:31 2010 (GMT)

From: laminaReply 3 of 4Reply
Subject: e.l.a.

Posted at: Sat Jan 22 20:27:29 2011 (GMT)

From: gwapa20Reply 4 of 4Reply
Subject: reading comprehension
   pls. help me in reading comprehension............. pls.

Posted at: Tue Jun 28 07:41:15 2011 (GMT)

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