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Subject: We can normally learn more from like-minded persons than from those who have con
   People who have contradictory viewpoints will be able to learn more than
   like-minded persons.
   When people are like-minded, their will be nothing to discuss on the issue.
   If you take an example of organization where they want to take a decision on
   certain project, people with similar point of view stop discussing and will
   take a decision which they have to regret in later time. Their will be no
   raise of questions, no doubts clarified and certainly they will take a dumb
   decision. Each and every project in an industry needs thorough discussion.
   Depending on the discussion they have to take a decision on time,
   organization of the project etc... The group of people with contradicting
   viewpoints will generate new puzzles on the issue to answer. The outcome of
   such discussions will be a fruitful result.
   In daily life a child learns more from her parents, teachers and friends
   only when he/she contradicts with everything she learns and asks more
   questions in learning process. The child can never learn if he/she is a
   like-minded person and accepts everything she comes across.
   Another example of contradictory viewpoints people learn better than like
   minded persons is a political bill to be passed. When politicians in senate
   are taking certain decision, when there are people with similar ideas, there
   will be no discussions, no ideas, and no questions and thus a flaw may also
   be implemented in such cases. Thus, while passing a bill in the senate,
   their will be lot of discussions, contradictions, questions and at the end
   after lot of struggle people come to a decision which will be helpful for
   large population.
   Like-minded people may be helpful in mere cases but in most cases
   contradictory minds are helpful resources for decision making. Any project
   will be successful when there are different ideas, different inputs and
   different questions from the group of people. So, I strongly say that
   contradictory minds can learn more than the like-minded people and conflict
   will never lead to tension but it leads to acuteness of mind.

Posted at: Thu Feb 11 10:20:45 2010 (GMT)

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