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From: anargadeReply 1 of 1Reply
   It is the nature of the human being, that it can learn the various things
   from the surrounding and from the people arround him rather than from the
   persome who have contradict view regarding perticular topic. In such case
   conflict can raise and leads to tension.
   The statemen states the same thing that We can normally learn more from
   like-minded persons than from those who have contradictory viewpoints;
   conflict can prevent learning and lead to tension. Iam agree with this.
   Interaction between like-minded person leads to chearful invironment. It
   also generates positivity in thoughts. Because of this man can learn more
   Ex… Growth of the child demands good, healthy invironment around him/her. 
   And if the child interacts with like-minded person every day then it will be
   benifitial for him to learn the various this easily.
   Conflict in thoughts leads to tension in mind and which in trun leads to
   negativity. So that mentel energy west in wrong direction which again leads
   to lack of decision power.
   Ex… If 2 friends are there. They are different by nature. There is no
   similarity in their thoughts. This leads to contoversy in dicision making.
   Baecause of this finalcial losses will happen which in turn makes the mind
   Liki-minded peple comes together for social or cahritable cause. Which helps
   both  society in general and individual in perticular.
   Ex… Now a days most cahritable trust  are there which does very nice
   things which helps to society and individual. Trust provides free education
   to the peppee who are not able to learn themselves.
   Similar thhinking in groups leads to achivement of perticular project
   Ex… Sales group of a company work together for the grouth of the company
   profit. There is always different people in group who are having like-minded
   thoughts, but because of they work together their and thir company groth
   will increase.
   Because of the abve situation mention through different examples we can say
   that  we can normally learn more from like-minded persons and contraversy in
   thoughts leads to conflict and tension.

Posted at: Wed Aug 10 14:39:49 2011 (GMT)

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