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   Learning from like-minds.
   Learning is one of the phenomenons of the animal experince. We all grew up
   with sayings like 'survival of the fitest' and 'only the strong survive'.
   Learning plays a major part in both of these statements. Being fit doesn't
   come natural and it never has. One has to know what foods to eat, and what
   exercises produces the most muscles and the highes endurance. While being
   strong requires the same foods, but in bulk, and low repitition exercises.
   In order to learn theses techniques, it would be reasonable to assume that
   we need to consult with those who have some experience with acheiving our
   desired goals. 
	Like-minds would instruct us that in order to be the fitest, one would
   need to 

Posted at: Thu May 10 00:34:43 2012 (GMT)

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