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From: sbentleyReply 1 of 3Reply
Subject: Different Viewpoints
   In concerning the "Issue 1" statement, I greatly disagree with the
   statement.  If everyone thought the same and there was no conflicts we would
   not have a democracy or any kind of freedom.  The human race as we know it
   would be very boring and unproductive.  
   Although negativity does seem to be a part of conflict, good things come
   from it also.  A person might look at a subject very differently when
   another point of view is presented.	In fact in businesses conflict can be
   good in the sense that positive change can happen from a few people
   disagreeing and the compromising for positive change.

Posted at: Tue Jun 19 13:43:52 2007 (GMT)

From: nikkiwilliams66Reply 2 of 3Reply
Subject: Different Viewpoints
   In reference to "Issue 1", I believe that although good things can be
   derived from sharing like viewpoints it can also cause harm or discontent in
   some cases. 
     I will first explain the positive points of being agreeable on certain
   issues. Next I will give an example of the negative implications that may
   occur with this approach. Lastly I will demonstrate the pros and cons of
   both methods. I will finally summarize the entire viewpoint.
     In support of being agreeable in all aspects of decision making, it may
   expedite certain task completions and make things flow easier. In a military
   field operation, this would be very appropriate. Soldiers are taught to obey
   orders received from higher ranking officials. They are expected to carry
   out a task with little debate.It could prove dangerous if the soldier were
   to disagree with the mission plan set forth by leadership and not act
     Secondly, I will demonstrate how being totally agreeable in a military
   situation can be hazardous. In thinking back to the incident of "Abu
   Ghraib", where many soldiers carried out horrendously abusive acts during
   interrogation of prisoners. These soldiers reported acting according to
   orders they received from their authorities. They did not think about
   whether it was right or wrong. They followed orders blindly and it cost many
   of them their freedom. It was a cruel example of blind-obedience to
   instructions or the perception of the orders received.
     Thirdly, I will explain the pros and cons of both ideas. If the military
   mission calls for someone to do reconacence of a particular location, it
   could cost lives if the soldier were to second guess his/her orders. If the
   soldier had no further instructions upon reaching the location and he found
   that it was possible for him to prevent loss of lives; he should be able to
   think outside of the given instructions.
     In summary, it is often hard to agree all the time with the viewpoints of
   others and doing so can prove criminally hazardous to all those involved
   such as in the example of prisoner interrogation. However, if the individual
   is able to think independently and make good character determinations based
   on the issues, it can also lead to a positive outcome.

Posted at: Mon Aug 13 03:43:13 2007 (GMT)

From: dsewankamboReply 3 of 3Reply
Subject: The well being of a society is enhanced when many poeple question authority.
   It is important to understand that  in a democracy like United states,
   elected leaders have the authority to make ultimate decisions. The executive
   branch, together with the congress have to share all the information
   pertaining an issue, reach an agreemet by either a simple vote or a
   sustainable deliberation on behalf of the people. This shouldn't be
   considered authoritarian but a democratic process used to deter emminent
   threats to a democrancy.
   Compare this with with a country like Russia, or China these are self-
   imposed autocratic governments that make arbitrary decisions, whose
   legislature is just a rubber stamp.Any opposion is crashed. This is the
   reason as to why there are more political asylees per capita from
   authoritarian countries than any country in the western hemisphere.
   I should add , however, that in a democracy credibility and transparacy are
   important, if society is to survive.But this doesn't negate the fact that
   elected leaders have the constitutional right to act immediately in order to
   solve society problems.

Posted at: Wed Oct 17 02:06:14 2007 (GMT)

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