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Discussion topic: The well-being of a society is enhanced when many of its people question authori

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From: manu123Reply 1 of 6Reply         View replies (2)
Subject: The well-being of a society is enhanced when many of its people question authori
   The well being of a society is enhanced when many of its people question
   authority. Though authority is in a place of power to govern the people
   properly, but as human beings they could make wrong decisions, be biased
   towards certain ideas because of personal preference or grudge, or for the
   worst be dictatorial, abuse power and manipulate legal process and media to
   benefit the fascist regime. 
   By questioning the authority, the media and general public could make the
   authority aware of the fact that they are not above the law and they are in
   their place of authority to serve the society. Since all decisions to
   create, modify, or negate a law or rule are made by a small group of people
   in place of authority, by questioning authority the large segment of the
   society can receive the explanations that authority provides and therby
   express opinions on the decisions the authorities have taken. A
   democratically elected authority will have to make amendments to their
   decisions or repeal them if general public does not agree with them. Even in
   a dictatorial form of government if the general masses question authority,
   the authority will finally have to pay attention to the people. With many
   people questioning the authority, even the most repressive form of authority
   will finally be ousted. This is what happened to the military regime of
   Ferdinand Marcos of Philippines. The voices of masses will finally win, as
   these voices will finally displace the repressive or ineffective governance
   that has been democratically or non-democratically elected. 
   In a strong democracy like USA, President Richard Nixon had to resign when
   his illegal activities were questioned by media and general masses. The
   semi-dicatatorial and communist regime of Daniel Ortega was finally defeated
   by the general maasses. By questioning authority, the general masses will
   not be easily indoctrinated by the propaganda onslaught that authority
   unleases. If the Germans and its media had questioned the activities of
   Hitler's regime and its propaganda machine, Hitler would not have achieved
   the figure of Fuhrer and plunged the country into a devastating war.
   By questioning authority the general masses provide a check-and-balance
   effect on the powers of the authority.By having the authorities questionable
   for their activities, the authorities will enhance rules and regulations
   that will have the support of its constituencies and will bring about
   improvements in the conditions of its society.
   When the Soviets sent their astronauts into earth's orbit in a spacecraft,
   the American people and media questioned authority about its inability to do
   so. This prompted the Kennedy administration then to come up with a plan to
   form NASA and promise that a person will land on the moon in a decade. This
   promise was fulfilled  and enhanced the American society into the space age.
   Finally the society gained by having such successful programs like space
   shuttle and international space stations. Now the international society has
   gained from the information that these space programs have provided. For
   example, the spread of gap in earth's ozone layer was detected by the space
   program and has been reduced. Space shuttle program has achieved the feat of
   fixing distant objects in space like the Hubble Telescope that has enabled
   the scientist to peer into distant past and understand the creation of

Posted at: Mon Jul 16 08:29:11 2007 (GMT)

From: rudhriReply 2 of 6Reply
Subject: The well-being of a society is enhanced when many of its people question author
	 The issue stated here is about questioning the authorities for the
   enhancement of social well-being. Though the authorities are taking
   decisions, the society should agree with those decisions. Because the
   decisions they have made is for the public in the society. They should feel
	 Its not necessary that every individual should agree to it. Majority
   of the people should agree to it. Otherwise the people in the society can
   question the authorities. Each and every people has the rights to question
   them. And the authorities have the responsibility to answer them. 
	 It's not sure that the decision taken by the authorities are
   correct.It might be wrong at some time. So as the peoples are the
   sufferer,they should question the authorities for the enhancement of social
   well-being. And even they can suggest some other solutions.
	  The media is the major source for the public to question the
   authorities. Media acts a medium between the government and the
   public.Behalf of the public, the media raises the question.The
   authoritarians have to face the media questions.The people working in media
   should have the talent to ask questions distinctly in which the
   authoritarians didn't think of those. 
	  By questioning them,they will enhance the rules and regulations that
   will support the constituency and will bring the improvements in the

Posted at: Mon May 30 16:08:07 2011 (GMT)

From: loktevaReply 3 of 6Reply
Subject: The well-being of a society is enhanced when many of its people question authori
   The hypothesis of successful governance attributable to democracy can be
   questionable. First of all, people should judge the legal authority prior to
   the electorate polls and state for their rights and the rights of the
   nation. The authority should comply and present their guidelines for the
   governance and follow them unleast the people want delibarately negotiate
   and propose several changes that may improve their wellbeing.
    Secondly, it is exoteric that almost all media is under the srict controle
   of the government and admist several countries treaty of freedom of voice
   and comunication non of them follow this guidline. Media as well as rating
   agencies were given inexhausted powers to bring volatility resulted in
   uprisings in the country. 
    On the other hand free independant media sources, notably internet
   broadcast and internet communities appaer more relevant and unbaised when
   addressing the authorities with gist issues.
    The people should nevertheless be cogherent and pragmatic when addressing
   the authority and should elect their representative,  who will act as a
   spokesperson for them.
    The society well being depends on mutual cooperation between the people as
   the core element and the authority acting as a filter for all memebrs of the
   society proposals and as a regulator of all disputes deteriorating the
   etnire system. 

Posted at: Wed Aug 10 11:53:13 2011 (GMT)

From: mamatha1985Reply 4 of 6Reply
Subject: Understand the most imp characteristicsof a society,one must study modern cities
   this is an issue topic ....can u plz analyze this issue and post it its

Posted at: Thu Nov 24 17:02:01 2011 (GMT)

From: rushi1220Reply 5 of 6Reply
Subject: A true university education encompasses far more than the narrow, specialized st
   The topic is much clear as it says that a true university must incorporate a
   broad spectrum of a specific subject rather than a narrow, specialized study
   of a specific, single subject. It is much true to the knowledge and anyone
   would prefer to join such universities which provide a broad spectrum
   i-respective of the domain one chose.
			In present scenario, domain of a subject is much way
   related to the areas in and around it, for instance, "Computer algorithms",
   depends on some concepts of pure mathematics for solving, deriving the
   results. In the example presented, it is quite evident that a student who
   has certain understanding of mathematics can have a positive edge over his
   fellow students in solving computer algorithms. 
		       The broad spectrum of understanding concepts, courses in
   and around a specific discipline provides a potential advantage for the
   students to show-case their talent in much a better way. It also leaves the
   students with an added advantage of switching the courses with less need of
   adoptability when they feel that the course they are presently rendering is
   not much to their interest, for example, a student with computer science
   background can switch to maths with less effort; if he feels that computer
   science is not the subject of interest or it is not on par to be the driving
		      Now-a-days technology is the leading trend, it is the
   thing. When technology gets updated, it has its potential impact in and
   around the areas of its innovation, for example, the "Air Conditioning
   Technology", with its invention, not only human comfort is at a better place
   but the agriculture sector is benefited; Agriculture products can be well
   preserved for a longer time.  This usage of technology in agriculture can
   only possible if one knows the applicability and the requirements;
   per-requisites of a domain, thus, the one who has a broader spectrum can
   eventually will be benefited.  
		   However, the in-depth discipline knowledge is necessary, but
   the broad spectrum of any discipline will make it mere "Icing on the cake",
   and thus such universities which provide a broader spectrum will be given a
   top priority over the rest by the student community in the near future.

Posted at: Wed Oct 3 15:55:19 2012 (GMT)

From: azookhanReply 6 of 6Reply
Subject: Re: The well-being of a society is enhanced when many of its people question aut
   it is very logical and rational that when authorities are subjected to
   accountability, and the authority is being questioned.fortunately, the free
   media and public awareness have made it easy to question the authority and
   not to let them free in making choices, which may contradict the public
   welfare or favors only the authorities or the general norm of a society
   breaches by the authority. For example in large democracies like America,
   the then U.S president Bill clinton had to offer apology from his nation,
   when sex scandal of president with Monica Liwinsky was reported. 
   The societies flourish and exhibiting reform within when the  masses of a
   nation raise questions over the wrongdoings of an authority or authorities.
   The rule of law is ensured, and  a fear of question not let the accountable
   free. Likewise, when a ruler framed policies in contravention to the wishes
   of his nation, they question or challenge them through of vote. it is one of
   the advantages of the democracy, for instance, in Pakistan the military
   dictator who ruled the nation for more than a decade, but in the General
   election held in Feb, 2013, his was thrown away by nation and thus his
   authority was questioned.
   The transparency is ensured and rule of law become dominated, through system
   of check and balance , and especially when top brace of a society or the
   rulers are being questioned for their actions. in week democracies like,
   Pakistan, Afghanistan, the rampant corruption, lawlessness,and numerous
   other evils prevail, owing to no question from the responsible persons of
   the country. Therefore, the well being of the nation witnessed a colossal
   loss and great setback
   It is paramount for a society, where highest level of ethical  standards
   establish and rule of law prevail, which is only possible through check and
   balance system for all and especially for the one's who hold the authority
   or prime responsible who run affairs of the nation.

Posted at: Sun Oct 6 11:06:50 2013 (GMT)

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