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From: jblandoReply 1 of 1Reply
Subject: Similar viewpoints
   Most people in this discussion thread are not answering the question being
   asked. They are answering a question if having similar or different
   viewpoints comes up with the best answer to a problem. The statement said
   "normally" which is a major point in the statement and "learning" takes
   place. And learning of a topic does take place in fact when everybody
   involved a similar viewpoint. That viewpoint may be incorrect but it is
   nearly impossible to learn the viewpoint of the people if the people
   involved all are discussing points of view. You can learn incorrect ways to
   do something learning something is not always learning the correct way
   toward getting the correct answer. Learning takes place each and every time
   we do something incorrectly we learn that this is not the right way to do
   something. Although I will submit that to get a correct answer having
   different viewpoints is helpful, but that is not the statement in question.
   I believe in summary that normally it is easier to learn a topic if
   everybody discussing the topic has the same thought on the topic in

Posted at: Sat Jan 12 00:12:57 2008 (GMT)

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