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Discussion topic: Analysis of Issue Essay Topic 4 - Powerful business leader than government o...

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Subject: Analysis of Issue Essay Topic 4 - Powerful business leader than government o...
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Posted at: Wed Mar 24 01:33:40 2004 (GMT)

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From: debashishReply 1 of 1Reply
Subject: Re: Analysis of Issue Essay Topic 4 - Powerful business leader than government
   I disagree with the statement that a business tycoon is in a better position
   to influence the destiny of a country or society. 
   A tycoon’s scope is very narrow. He rose to prominence by doing business.
   He does not have much influence on society. Change/innovation in product,
   procedure and competition in market place are the things that tycoon can
   influence. But social changes, is outside the ring of influence of a tycoon.
   His time and energy is directed to build the business empire not build a
   viable social structure. A social worker or a politician fights for change
   in social structure to make it even better. Tycoon can have monetary power,
   but monetary power can hardly influence the society and normal person on the
   street. However, a politician can bring in social changes and he can change
   the course of direction of a country. A tycoon’s aim has always been to
   make profit and value for investment which are not something that can
   influence the destiny of a society or country.
   Even if we talk about the market policies, a tycoon can influence only a
   fraction. It’s always clear to everybody that a tycoon’s interest is not
   people rather it’s profit. Tycoon will always try to side with regulation
   that will benefit him, not the society. In larger context tycoons can’t
   run the show as they won’t have popular support. But a leader can be in a
   neutral position. He might not be an economist to chalk the economic
   destination of a country but he can influence the general population. With
   the help of a bunch of economists, a politician can give a blue print to the
   country for its economic future. A politician takes into consideration the
   demographic divide, socio-economic dynamics of country, world political
   situation and a lot more. But all that a tycoon can think of, is to make
   profit which at the end of the day won’t go down well with most of the
   general public.
   Example of political influence is India’s liberalization. It was not
   chalked by any tycoon. It was done by economists and politicians. Once
   politician decide upon a prudent direction, taking into consideration all
   aspects, it is executed by the government officials. So politician gives a
   direction to the country and it’s the country’s destiny. Nelson Mandela
   and Mahatma Gandhi are not tycoons. But they change the course of their
   respective country. By turning a history book we can find thousands of
   examples where a leaders have influenced the destiny of a country, be it in
   positive or negative direction. Saddam Hussein and Hitler bought doom but
   Gandhi and Mandela bought democracy and prosperity.
   World’s most influential nation is US and world’s richest man is Bill
   Gates. If analyze how much influence he has on US politics (read destiny of
   US), the answer would be virtually nil. Bill might have changed the way we
   do business by ushering efficient personal computer, but how far has he
   changed the course of US is anybody’s guess. Welfare of country and
   society has never been driven by profiteering principle. Politician and
   officials give a playing field for the business man to play in a controlled
   manner with rules and regulation. So at the end of the day destiny of a
   country is driven by the vision of politicians and officials.

Posted at: Sun Jul 22 07:46:24 2007 (GMT)

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