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Discussion topic: Analysis of Issue Essay Topic 5 - Financial gain is important factor in choo...

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Subject: Analysis of Issue Essay Topic 5 - Financial gain is important factor in choo...
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Posted at: Wed Mar 24 01:33:40 2004 (GMT)

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Subject: Re: Analysis of Issue Essay Topic 5 - Financial gain is important factor in cho
   I disagree with the notion that financial benefit should be the prime
   criterion of career. It can be one of the factors but can’t be the prime
   We spend bulk of our time in office. If the job that we are doing is not
   interesting or we are unable to relate to the job then it’s effort wasted.
   Even if the job has hefty financial benefits, individual can’t be happy at
   that position. So individual should look at a career that he can relate
   himself to. Job should be interesting to the point that individuals should
   take interest in it without much of a fuss. Higher pay can never guarantee
   job satisfaction.
   Career streams are quite wide spread. We can see people making career in
   social service. Even though social service does not pay much, but they are
   making positive contribution to the society. They are getting recognition
   and this is their reward. People are making career in environmental causes
   where there is hardly any money. But what they are getting is satisfaction
   and happiness. Satisfaction is more important than money. 
   We should look to the career from the point of view of satisfaction. A
   person who is the CEO is not exactly running for money. People who are
   dedicated for the job, usually get to the top decision making position. They
   are the persons who drive the company and they usually have a vision. In
   return company rewards them financially. 
   For an example, Bill Gates is the richest person. When he started Microsoft
   he did not dreamt of becoming the richest guy. He is a high school drop out.
   He was chasing his dream and his interest was in personal computer. In the
   process of his chase for his dream, he created an empire. It’s not the
   But all human beings are not created equal. There are many who are in dire
   financial situation. For them financials might play an important role. But
   from a broad prospective of career, its not always financial benefits that
   are important, but it’s the passion for the job and satisfaction out of

Posted at: Mon Jul 23 01:01:18 2007 (GMT)

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