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Traditional Carnival Characters 

A Touloulou                                      King Vaval

 Guess the name of the traditional carnival character of the world.

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I wear a costume of colored patches. I am the female counterpart of one of the characters of the Italian Commedia dell'arte. Who am I?
  First letter clue  


My whole body is smeared with grease or mud. I carry a pitch fork . Who am I?
  First letter clue  


I am dressed in a frilled dress and bonnet. I carry a doll in my arms. Who am I?
  First letter clue  


I am identified by my extravagant colourful costume and distinctive boastful speech. I wear a flowing cape decorated with symbols of death and destruction. Who am I?
  First letter clue  


I wear a papier-mâché mask representing the head of a cow and  a gown of sacking made from rice bags. Who am I?
  First letter clue  


I am recognised by my colorful expansive feathery costume. My wigwam is made of ostrich Plumes. Who am I?
  First letter clue  


I am a Zanni character . I am so poor that my costume is full of holes which are stiched to make it look like colorful diamond-shaped patches. Who am I?
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