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Mom had given you $ 7 last week. She gives you 5 times more travel money this week. How many dollars has Mom given you over the two weeks?


The bus ticket to Squirrel Park costs 2 times more than that to Beaver Valley. If the ticket to Beaver Valley costs $ 5 , how many dollars is the ticket to Squirrel Park?


Squirrel Park is 2 times as far as Beaver Valley. If Squirrel Park is 16 miles from home, how many miles is Beaver Valley from home?


There are 14 women in the bus. The women are 2 times more than the men. How many men are there in the bus?


You had brought home 2 flowers from Squirrel Park last time. Mom wants you to bring 6 times as many this time. How many flowers will you bring?

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