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Math - Geometry Lesson Plans : Perimeter & Area of Quadrilaterals II

Mensuration - Solve each exercise problem related to perimeter and area of quadrilaterals given below.

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The shaded region of the given figure is a concrete ground 34 m long and 12 m broad. Its three sides are bordered by grass strips of uniform breadth 3 m. Find the area (in m2) that is covered with grass. quadrilateral : rectangle


Find the area (in cm2) of the trapezoid ABCD in which AB = 11 cm, BC = 25 cm, CD = 4 cm and ∠BAD = ∠ADC = 90°. quadrilateral : trapezoid


Find the area (in cm2 upto two decimal places) of the quadrilateral PQRS in which PS = 30 cm, ΔQRS is equilateral with each side equal to 34 cm and ∠QPS = 90°. quadrilateral


Find the area (in cm2 upto one decimal place) of the trapezoid ABCD in which AB = 32 cm, BC = AD = 14 cm and CD = 20 cm. quadrilateral : trapezoid


A garden in the shape of a rectangle 60 m long and 35 m broad has two paths running in the middle of it, one being parallel to its length and the other being parallel to its breadth. Find the area (in m2) of the shaded region given that the breadth of each path is 4 m. quadrilateral : rectangle


Calculate the area (in cm2 upto two decimal places) of the quadrilateral PQRS in which PQ = 30 cm, QR = 24 cm, PR = 18 cm, RS = 30 cm and PS = 44 cm. quadrilateral


Find the length of RT (in cm) from the figure given that PQ = 7 cm, PS = 8.4 cm, ∠PSQ = 90° and the area of the quadrilateral PQRS is 48.72 cm2.
Note that RT is the height of ΔQRS.quadrilateral

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