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Harry Potter - Male Characters harry_potter

Identify the male character (in the Harry Potter book and movie series) based on the clue(s) given.
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I am a member of the Order of the Phoenix. I work at the Ministry of Magic. Who am I?     1Argus Filch
I am a 'Squib'. I like to punish students for 'looking happy' or 'breathing loudly'. Who am I?     2Neville Longbottom
I am known to have a notoriously poor memory. My favorite pet is Trevor and he is my only toad. Who am I?     3Peter Pettigrew
I am an Animagus. I can change form into a rat. Who am I?     4Quirinus Quirrell
I have been a Defence Against the Dark Arts (DADA) professor. I wear a turban. Who am I?     5Kingsley Shacklebolt

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