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Harry Potter - Pets & Magical Beasts harry_potter_books_movies

Identify the pets and magical beasts (in the Harry Potter book and movie series) based on the clue(s) given.
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I am a thestral. I belong to Rubeus Hagrid. Who am I?     1Bane
I am an intelligent centaur, who distrusts and hates wizards. I live in the Forbidden Forest and can foretell the future by reading the stars. Who am I?     2Crookshanks
I am Lavender Brown's baby rabbit, who was eaten by a fox. My death was predicted by Professor Trelawney. Who am I?     3Binky
I am the hippogriff and one of Rubeus Hagrid's favorite pets. I am sentenced to death for attacking Draco Malfoy, but rescued by Harry Potter and Hermione Weasley. Who am I?     4Buckbeak (Witherwings)
I am Hermione Weasley's intelligent pet cat, who is part Kneazle. Hermione bought me out of sympathy from a shop in Diagon Alley. Who am I?     5Tenebrus

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