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Olympics Quiz II Olympics

Answer the following questions related to the Modern Summer Olympic Games.

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At the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, who won the women's 100-meters gold medal despite having been diagnosed with Graves' disease in 1990?

  Merlene Ottey

  Juliet Cuthbert

  Voula Patoulidou

  Gail Devers

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Name the great athlete who starred in 'Endurance,' a movie that chronicles his life and his quest for the gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

  Emil Zatopek

  Haile Gebrselassie

  Paul Tergat

  Kenenisa Bekele

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Which two modern sports were blended in the ancient Pankration, a sport introduced in the Greek Olympic Games in 648 B.C.?

  Archery and Equestrian

  Boxing and Wrestling

  Pole Vault and Triple Jump

  Sailing and Rowing

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What is the serial number of the Summer Olympics that were to be held in Berlin (Germany), but were cancelled due to World War I?





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What is typically handed over by the host city to the next organizing city at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games?

  Olympic flag

  Olympic flame

  Olympic medals

  Olympic mascots

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In which years were the Summer Olympics cancelled due to World War II?

  1932 and 1936

  1940 and 1944

  1948 and 1952

  1956 and 1960

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At the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, which famous American track and field athlete won four gold medals?

  Ralph Metcalfe

  Carl Lewis

  Jesse Owens

  Michael Johnson

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