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US Quiz : New York City

Answer the following question(s) about New York City.

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Name one of the world's largest wildlife conservation parks located in New York.

  The Bronx Zoo

  The Brooklyn Zoo

  The Manhattan Zoo

  The Staten Island Zoo

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Which building in Manhattan is often called the Cathedral of Commerce?

  Woolworth Building

  New York Times Building

  Chrysler Building

  Empire State Building

  Half-n-half Clue


When was the World Trade Center in New York attacked and destroyed?

  11 September 2001

  11 November 2001

  9 September 2001

  9 November 2001

  Half-n-half Clue


What is the name of the main international airport at New York?

  Ronald Reagan Airport

  Thomas Jefferson Airport

  Abraham Lincoln Airport

  John F. Kennedy Airport

  Half-n-half Clue


New York's financial center is

  Madison Avenue


  Times Square

  Wall Street

  Half-n-half Clue


Radio City Music Hall (the largest indoor theater in the US) and the GE Building (formally RCA Building) are located in the _______.

  Lincoln Center

  Shea Center

  Rockefeller Center

  Yankee Center

  Half-n-half Clue


What houses many cultural companies including the Metropolitan Opera, the New York City Ballet, the New York City Opera and the New York Philharmonic?

  Shea Center

  Lincoln Center

  Yankee Center

  Rockefeller Center

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