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Chemistry : Chemical Bonds

Answer the following question(s) based on chemical bond.

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Ionic compounds are usually

  soluble in water.

  soluble in aldehydes.

  soluble in ethers.

  soluble in alcohols.

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Which of the following forces is the weakest:

  Covalent Bond

  Hydrogen Bond

  Electrostatic forces

  Van der Waal forces

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The name of the compound with the formula KCl is

  Chloride Potassium

  Potassium Chlorate

  Chlorate Potassium

  Potassium Chloride

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In an ionic bond, the two elements

  exchange electrons.

  share electrons.

  borrow electrons.

  polarize electrons.

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Inert gases do not react with any other element because

  the temperature is not high enough.

  their nucleus is very small.

  the pressure is not high enough.

  their outermost electron level is filled with 8 electrons.

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An atom which gains an electron forms

  a covalent bond.

  a cation.

  a hydrogen bond.

  an anion.

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High solubility of alcohol in water is due to the formation of

  covalent bonds.

  hydrogen bonds.

  paramagnetic bonds.

  ionic bonds.

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