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Chemistry : Chemical Bonds

Answer the following question(s) based on chemical bond.

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In an ionic bond, the two elements

  share electrons.

  exchange electrons.

  borrow electrons.

  polarize electrons.

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An atom which loses an electron forms

  an anion.

  a polymer.

  a covalent bond.

  a cation.

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An atom which gains an electron forms

  an anion.

  a covalent bond.

  a cation.

  a hydrogen bond.

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Ionic compounds are usually

  soluble in aldehydes.

  soluble in water.

  soluble in ethers.

  soluble in alcohols.

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Atoms take part in bond formation to

  increase their charge density.

  increase their energy.

  neutralize their charge.

  attain a stable electronic configuration.

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A chemical bond formed by sharing of electrons is a

  ionic bond.

  electrostatic bond.

  polyatomic bond.

  covalent bond.

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Ionic compounds conduct electricity in

  Fused state or solution state.

  Amorphous State.

  Powdered State.

  Crystalline State.

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