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Java Programming : Compilation and Execution: Multiple Choice

Answer the following questions about Java syntax and mistakes which can cause compilation errors, as well as the output generated by sample programs.

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Multiple choice

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Which error does the following code contain: class Class1

  Class1 should be declared as abstract

  Method func1() must be declared as static

  There is no error

  Class Class1 has not been declared public

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Examine the following code snippets to identify the legal loop constructs:
(A) for (int i = 22, int j = 0; i + j > 11; i = i-3, j++)



  (A) & (D)

  (A) & (C)

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What will be the output of the following program?
class Main2


  Error. Won't compile


  XXX followed by YYY

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The method int func(int i, int j)

  (B) & (C)

  (C) & (D)

  (A), (B), (C) & (E)

  (A), (B) & (E)

  None of these

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Which of the following command lines options generates documentation for all classes and methods?






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To print the value of a variable "x" of type int, which of the following expressions can be used:
(A) System.out.println("x = " + x);
(B) System.out.println("x = " + String.valueOf(x));
(C) System.out.println("x = " + Integer.toString(x));
(D) System.out.println("x = " + (new Integer(x)).toString());

  (A), (B), (C) and (D)

  (B) and (D)

  (C) and (D)

  (B), (C) and (D)

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The control expression in an "if" statement must be:

  an expression with either the type boolean or integer with value 0 or 1

  an expression with type integer

  an expression with type boolean

  an expression with either the type boolean or integer

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