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School Physics Quiz : Pressure

Answer the following questions based on the change of state and latent pressure.

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Soap bubbles are spherical in shape because

  soap film has a low surface tension

  air exerts equal pressure in all directions

  spherical shape has the highest ratio of surface area to volume

  air trapped inside the bubble has low pressure

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What instrument is used for measuring atmospheric pressure?





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_______ states that the product of the pressure and volume of a fixed mass of gas is constant provided the temperature is unchanged.

  Dalton's Law

  Boyle's Law

  Charles' Law

  Avogadro's Law

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pressure - barometer
To measure the atmospheric pressure, the space (labeled A) above the mercury level in a barometer tube is

  filled with water

  essentially vacuum

  filled with nitrogen

  filled with air

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Pressure is defined as

  force / area

  force × distance

  mass × acceleration

  mass / volume

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pressure - barometer
Air is trapped in the space (labeled A) above the mercury level in the tube of a barometer, which measures 745 mm Hg. If the atmospheric pressure is 760 mm Hg, then the pressure of the trapped air is

  760 mm Hg

  between 745 and 760 mm Hg

  745 mm Hg

  15 mm Hg

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pressure - manometer
One arm of a glass U-tube is open to the atmosphere, whereas the other vertical arm is connected to a gas supply. The difference in levels of mercury (density = 13.6 g cm-3) between the vertical arms of the U-tube manometer is h = 4 cm. If the atmospheric pressure is 760 mm Hg and the gravitational acceleration is 9.8 m s-2, then the pressure of the gas is about

  1.018 × 107dynes cm-2

  5.331 × 104dynes cm-2

  1.088 × 104dynes cm-2

  1.066 × 106dynes cm-2

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