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Spanish Translation Quiz 5a
Numbers - Spanish to English

What is the English translation (equivalent) for each Spanish sentence below?

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Vous avez deux pantalon?

  Do all of you have two pants?

  Do you have two pants?

  You have two pants.

  All of us have two pants.

  Half-n-half Clue


Tengo vienticinco años.

  He is twenty-five years old.

  I am twenty years old.

  I am twenty-five years old.

  She is twenty years old.

  Half-n-half Clue


Son las diez menos diez.

  It is ten minutes to ten o'clock.

  It is ten minutes to two o'clock.

  It is two minutes to two o'clock.

  It is two minutes to ten o'clock.

  Half-n-half Clue


¿Cuántos años tienes?

  What is his age?

  Do you know my age?

  How old are you?

  What is her age?

  Half-n-half Clue


Tengo quarante años.

  I am fourteen years old.

  I am forty years old.

  She is fourteen years old.

  He is forty years old.

  Half-n-half Clue


Es la nueve en punto.

  It is five o'clock on the dot.

  It is a fine painting.

  It is not a nice painting.

  It is nine o'clock on the dot.

  Half-n-half Clue


Son las cinco y media.

  It's a quarter past four.

  It's a half past five.

  It's a half past four.

  It's a quarter past five.

  Half-n-half Clue

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