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Arithmetic : Percent & Ratio   Percent & Ratio

Contributed by Racer9i
Select the correct answers for the following problems after calculating the percents and determining the ratios.

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What is 51 percent of 492?



  None of the choices

Bob just got his driver's license and now he has to drive his brothers and sisters to and from school. If the ratio of brothers to sisters is 4 to 1 and he has 3 sisters, then how many brothers does Bob have?




Jason has 40 apples. He gives Jon 12 apples and Jeff 14 apples. What percentage of apples does Jason now have of the original 40?




Bill is 4 years older than Jill and 2 years younger than David. If Jill is 12, then what is the percent of years she is older than David?

  None of the choices

  9 to 6

  18 to 12

4 boys have green eyes, 12 boys have blue, and 7 have brown. What is the ratio of boys who have blue eyes to those that don't?

  12 to 4

  12 to 7

  12 to 11


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