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English Language : Homonym Quiz

Many students have problems with basic, frequently used homonyms and vocabulary words. Check your understanding with this quiz.
Contributed by Mr. Stott

Your Performance  

You ___ can go ____ the store with Nick.

  too, too

  two, too

  two, to

  to, too

While ___, Melissa wanted to ___ why Jenette and Nicole had said ___ to Julie.

  there, no, know

  their, no, know

  there, know, no

  they're, know, no

Do you want __ know why you used ___ much grease?

  to, two

  to, too

  to, to

  too, too

Carole King sings: ___ ___ late oh baby ___ ___ late, though we really did try ___ make it.

  Its, to, its, to, to

  It's, too, it's, too, to

  Its, too, its, too, to

  It's, to, it's, to, too

Tommy ___ to learn ___ system so he could ___ how to teach it.

  mindt, their, no

  ment, there, no

  meant, there, know

  meant, their, know


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