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The Best Fortune Teller
Contributed by Andrew Kim

puzzle : fortune teller

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There is a village that has five fortune tellers.

The first fortune teller's prediction has 83 % chance of being correct. The second has 63 % chance of being correct, the third 44 %, the fourth 30 %, and the fifth 10 %.  

If you were trying to get the best prediction of your future, which fortune teller would you go to?
• first
• second
• third
• fourth
• fifth
Answer: fifth

The fifth fortune teller would allow you to get the best prediction of your future.

The fifth fortune teller predicts with only 10 % accuracy. So, there is a 90 % chance of the fifth fortune teller being wrong.

If you consider the opposite of the fifth fortune teller's predictions, then you get the prediction of your future with 90 % accuracy. This is higher than the accuracy of the other four fortune tellers.

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