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Days of the week 

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Type the name of the day to fill each blank below.

1. Solomon Grundy was married on a _______.
Answer: Wednesday

2. _______ is the last day of the week.
Answer: Saturday

3. The day after Saturday is _______.
Answer: Sunday

4. The day before Friday is _______.
Answer: Thursday

5. If today is Sunday, then tomorrow will be _______.
Answer: Monday

6. Schools and offices are closed on _______.
Answer: Sunday

7. _______ has in its name a letter 'd' which is silent.
Answer: Wednesday

8. _______ comes between Thursday and Saturday.
Answer: Friday

9. _______ comes between Monday and Wednesday.
Answer: Tuesday

10. If yesterday was Wednesday, then today is _______.
Answer: Thursday

11. _______ has seven letters in its name.
Answer: Tuesday

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