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Doing words - I 

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Type "ing" in the correct form to each doing word in brakets.
Then type the word to fill each blank below.

1. The woodcutter was _______ blocks of wood. (chop)
Answer: chopping

2. The children were _______ happily. (clap)
Answer: clapping

3. Harry is _______ with his friend. (chat)
Answer: chatting

4. Paul is _______ football. (play)
Answer: playing

5. Peter is _______ after the puppy. (run)
Answer: running

6. Jane is _______ on a small stool. (sit)
Answer: sitting

7. Roger is _______ a cup of hot chocolate. (sip)
Answer: sipping

8. The bus will be _______ at the junction. (stop)
Answer: stopping

9. Karen is _______ in the pool. (swim)
Answer: swimming

10. Sam's dog is _______ its tail. (wag)
Answer: wagging

11. The dog is _______ at a stranger. (bark)
Answer: barking

12. The maid is _______ water from the well. (draw)
Answer: drawing

13. Peter and Paul have gone _______. (fish)
Answer: fishing

14. Tim is good at _______ over the fence. (jump)
Answer: jumping

15. Diane is _______ flowers from the tree. (pluck)
Answer: plucking

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