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Doing words - II 

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Type-ing in the correct form to each doing word in the brackets.
Then type the word to fill each blank below.

1. John's mother is _______ a cake for his birthday. (bake)
Answer: baking

2. The rabbit is _______ the tip of the carrot.(bite)
Answer: biting

3. Michael is _______ a sandwich with his friend. (share)
Answer: sharing

4. The peacocks are _______ in the rain. (dance)
Answer: dancing

5. Sara was _______ behind the tall bushes. (hide)
Answer: hiding

6. The books have been _______ up on the shelf. (pile)
Answer: piling

7. Why are you _______ ? (smile)
Answer: smiling

8. Grandpa is _______ a walk in the garden. (take)
Answer: taking

9. Tina has been _______ money for Christmas. (save)
Answer: saving

10. Emma is _______ a note to her friend. (write)
Answer: writing

11. It has been _______ all day. (rain)
Answer: raining

12. Gary is _______ an interesting story book. (read)
Answer: reading

13. The ship is _______ in the sea. (sail)
Answer: sailing

14. Angela is _______ on the park bench. (sleep)
Answer: sleeping

15. Rita is _______ a story to the class. (tell)
Answer: telling

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