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He and She - II  

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Type the missing words (for the "he" form) to fill each blank below.

1. Sara is a thin lass. Oliver is a fat _______.
Answer: lad

2. Both _______ and wife are very kind.
Answer: husband

3. Jack loves his _______ and mother.
Answer: father

4. Stella's niece and _______ are very naughty.
Answer: nephew

5. The queen is cruel, but the _______ is kind.
Answer: king

6. There is an _______ and an actress in every movie.
Answer: actor

7. Sam's _______ and aunt are visiting him.
Answer: uncle

8. Anna's sister is short and her _______ is tall.
Answer: brother

9. The _______ and princess were giving clothes to the poor.
Answer: prince

10. The _______ and the lady came late for the dinner.
Answer: lord

11. Mr. Simon has a _______ and a daughter.
Answer: son

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