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My house  

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Fill in the blanks using the given words.

attic, backyard, beautiful, curtains, fence, fireplace, roof, shelf, television, windows,

Fill in the blanks using the words given above.

1. I live in a very _______ house.
Answer: beautiful

2. We watch _______ every evening before dinner.
Answer: television

3. There is a _______ which we use in winter.
Answer: fireplace

4. Our house has a sloping red _______.
Answer: roof

5. I store big toys in the _______.
Answer: attic

6. Sunlight and fresh air come in through the _______.
Answer: windows

7. There is a wooden _______ around my house.
Answer: fence

8. My house has a _______ full of trees.
Answer: backyard

9. My mother has stitched pretty _______ for the windows.
Answer: curtains

10. My father has a _______ full of books in his room.
Answer: shelf

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