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Names and Initials  

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Type the short form of each name using initials for the first names.

1. Mister Ronald Smith
Answer: Mr. R. Smith

2. Mistress Julie Brown
Answer: Mrs. J. Brown

3. Miss Tina James
Answer: Miss T. James

4. Doctor Peter Watson
Answer: Dr. P. Watson

5. Mister Henry Taylor
Answer: Mr. H. Taylor

6. Mistress Paula White
Answer: Mrs. P. White

7. Miss Shirley Caine
Answer: Miss S. Caine

8. Doctor Walter Pitt
Answer: Dr. W. Pitt

9. Mister William Newell
Answer: Mr. W. Newell

10. Mistress Diana Row
Answer: Mrs. D. Row

11. Miss Jennifer Spears
Answer: Miss J. Spears

12. Doctor Keith Bernard
Answer: Dr. K. Bernard

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