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Number names - I 

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Type number names to fill each blank below.

1. _______ means five and ten.
Answer: Fifteen

2. _______ is also known as a dozen.
Answer: Twelve

3. Steve is eighteen years old. He will be _______ on his next birthday.
Answer: nineteen

4. One less than twelve is _______.
Answer: eleven

5. Bill lost two of his fifteen marbles. Now he has _______ left.
Answer: thirteen

6. The number _______ is four more than ten.
Answer: fourteen

7. The number _______ is twice as big as eight.
Answer: sixteen

8. The teen number before twenty is _______.
Answer: nineteen

9. The number _______ comes after sixteen.
Answer: seventeen

10. Jane has sixteen books. She bought two more to make it _______ books.
Answer: eighteen

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