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One and many - II 

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Type naming words (with"s" or "es" where needed) to fill each blank below. Use the clue in the brackets

1. There are two _______ in the fruit bowl. (peach)
Answer: peaches

2. There is one _______ in the fruit bowl. (apple)
Answer: apple

3. There are some _______ of green grass in our garden. (patch)
Answer: patches

4. There are three _______ in our garden. (shrub)
Answer: shrubs

5. Tina removed a match from the box full of _______. (match)
Answer: matches

6. Debbie removed a _______ from the box. (chocolate)
Answer: chocolate

7. The maid was cleaning a set of _______. (dish)
Answer: dishes

8. There are fifty-two _______ in a year. (week)
Answer: weeks

9. The children were hiding behind a _______. (bush)
Answer: bush

10. There are many _______ in the kitchen cupboard. (box)
Answer: boxes

11. There are many pairs of _______ in the closet. (shoe)
Answer: shoes

12. Eleen bought two _______ for her cousins. (watch)
Answer: watches

13. Kevin bought a _______ for his mother. (purse)
Answer: purse

14. Jill has already visited a few _______. (beach)
Answer: beaches

15. There are many _______ in the stable. (horse)
Answer: horses

16. There were five _______ waiting outside the hotel. (coach)
Answer: coaches

17. Rachel bought a _______ for her teacher. (flower)
Answer: flower

18. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson lit up two _______. (torch)
Answer: torches

19. There are five _______ in the shallow pond. (frog)
Answer: frogs

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