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Prose - comprehension  

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Read the above passage. Then type the right word(s) to fill the blanks.


Nottie's friend is a duck named Webbie. Webbie has lovely yellow feathers. She
makes funny sounds when she is hungry. She flaps her small yellow wings when
Nottie feeds her. Webbie quacks softly when she is happy.

Webbie often swims in the pond near Nottie's home. She cleans herself with her
red beak. She ruffles her feathers to dry them. She waddles around Nottie's home
with her webbed feet. Webbie quacks loudly at strangers. Nottie loves
Webbie very much.

1. When Webbie wants food she makes funny _______.
Answer: sounds

2. Webbie's feathers are _______ in color.
Answer: yellow

3. When Webbie is happy she _______ _______.
Answer: quacks softly

4. Webbie _______ her wings when Nottie gives her food.
Answer: flaps

5. There is a _______ near Nottie's house.
Answer: pond

6. Webbie uses her _______ to clean herself.
Answer: beak

7. Webbie's beak is _______ in color.
Answer: red

8. Webbie ruffles her feathers to remove _______ from them.
Answer: water

9. Nottie's friend _______ _______ at people she does not know.
Answer: quacks loudly

10. Nottie's friend has _______ feet.
Answer: webbed

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