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 Our school  

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Fill in the blanks with given words.

bell, brown, canteen, classroom, clock, library, piano, picnic, playground, prayers

Fill in the blanks using the words given above.

1. There is a huge _______ on the front wall that tells us the time.
Answer: clock

2. Every _______ has a chalkboard and many desks.
Answer: classroom

3. Our school building is _______ in color.
Answer: brown

4. There is a _______ with many interesting books.
Answer: library

5. We play many outdoor games in the school _______.
Answer: playground

6. We have a school _______ every year.
Answer: picnic

7. We start our day at school by saying our _______.
Answer: prayers

8. A loud _______ rings at the end of every period.
Answer: bell

9. Our school has a nice _______ which sells snacks and soft drinks.
Answer: canteen

10. The music room in our school has a _______.
Answer: piano

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