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English Proverbs G-H

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What is the missing word that completes each proverb?

1. Give a lie twenty-four hours' start, and you can never _______ it.
Answer: overtake

2. Give knaves an _______ and they will take a yard.
Answer: inch

3. Give us the _______, and we will finish the job.
Answer: tools

4. Gluttony kills more than the _______.
Answer: sword

5. God is always on the _______ of the big batallions.
Answer: side

6. God tempers the _______ to the shorn lamb.
Answer: wind

7. Good company on the road is the _______ cut.
Answer: shortest

8. A good _______ makes a good wife.
Answer: husband

9. A good _______ is none the worse for being told twice.
Answer: tale

10. Good _______ needs no bush.
Answer: wine

11. Grasp all, _______ all.
Answer: lose

12. A great city, a great _______.
Answer: solitude

13. The greatest talkers are the least _______.
Answer: doers

14. A growing youth has a _______ in his belly.
Answer: wolf

15. Half the _______ knows not how the other half lives.
Answer: world

16. Happy is the country that has no _______.
Answer: history

17. Haste trips over its own _______.
Answer: heels

18. He cannot speak well that cannot hold his _______.
Answer: tongue

19. He should have a long _______ that sups with the devil.
Answer: spoon

20. He that commits a _______ thinks everyone speaks of it.
Answer: fault

21. He that fights and _______ away may live to fight another day.
Answer: runs

22. He that hath a full _______ never wanted a friend.
Answer: purse

23. He that hath not silver in his purse should have _______ in his tongue.
Answer: silk

24. He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to _______.
Answer: fortune

25. He that will not when he _______, when he will he shall have nay.
Answer: may

26. He that would eat the kernel must crack the _______.
Answer: nut

27. He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of _______.
Answer: hens

28. He that would the daughter win, must with the _______ first begin.
Answer: mother

29. He who _______ all confesses all.
Answer: denies

30. He who excuses himself _______ himself.
Answer: accuses

31. He who gives fair words feeds you with an empty _______.
Answer: spoon

32. He who goes against the fashion is himself its _______.
Answer: slave

33. He who handles a nettle tenderly is soonest _______.
Answer: stung

34. He who _______ through a hole may see what will vex him.
Answer: peeps

35. Hide not your _______ under a bushel.
Answer: light

36. The highest branch is not the _______ roost.
Answer: safest

37. Hitch your wagon to a _______.
Answer: star

38. Hoist your sail when the _______ is fair.
Answer: wind

39. Hope deferred makes the _______ sick.
Answer: heart

40. Hope springs _______ in the human breast.
Answer: eternal

41. A house _______ against itself cannot stand.
Answer: divided

42. Hypocrisy is a homage that vice pays to _______.
Answer: virtue

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