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English Proverbs A-B

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What is the missing word that completes each proverb?

1. Absence makes the _______ grow fonder.
Answer: heart

2. _______ speak louder than words.
Answer: Actions

3. All are not thieves that dogs _______ at.
Answer: bark

4. All _______ are grey in the dark.
Answer: cats

5. All _______ things come to an end.
Answer: good

6. All's well that _______ well.
Answer: ends

7. All that glitters is not _______.
Answer: gold

8. All things are difficult before they are _______.
Answer: easy

9. All work and no _______ makes Jack a dull boy.
Answer: play

10. As you make your _______, so you must lie in it.
Answer: bed

11. As you _______, so shall you reap.
Answer: sow

12. Ask no questions and be told no _______.
Answer: lies

13. _______ news travels fast.
Answer: Bad

14. A bad workman always blames his _______.
Answer: tools

15. Barking dogs seldom _______.
Answer: bite

16. Beauty is but _______ deep.
Answer: skin

17. _______ must not be choosers.
Answer: Beggars

18. The best _______ swim near the bottom.
Answer: fish

19. _______ is cheapest.
Answer: Best

20. The best of friends must _______.
Answer: part

21. Better an _______ today than a hen tomorrow.
Answer: egg

22. Better be sure than _______.
Answer: sorry

23. Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a _______.
Answer: lion

24. Better _______ than break.
Answer: bend

25. Better _______ than never.
Answer: late

26. A bird in the _______ is worth two in the bush.
Answer: hand

27. Birds of a _______ flock together.
Answer: feather

28. Blood is thicker than _______.
Answer: water

29. Books and _______ must be few but good.
Answer: friends

30. Boys will be _______.
Answer: boys

31. A burnt child dreads the _______.
Answer: fire

32. Busiest men find the most _______.
Answer: time

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