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What is the missing word that completes each proverb?

1. Wake not a sleeping _______.
Answer: lion

2. _______ have ears.
Answer: Walls

3. Waste not, _______ not.
Answer: want

4. Water is a boon in the _______, but the drowning man curses it.
Answer: desert

5. A watched _______ never boils.
Answer: pot

6. We live in deeds, not in _______.
Answer: years

7. Wedlock is a _______.
Answer: padlock

8. Well _______ is half done.
Answer: begun

9. What can't be _______ must be endured.
Answer: cured

10. What's _______ cannot be undone.
Answer: done

11. What's sauce for the _______ is sauce for the gander.
Answer: goose

12. What is the good of a sundial in the _______?
Answer: shade

13. What is worth doing is worth doing _______.
Answer: well

14. What will Mrs _______ say?
Answer: Grundy

15. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also _______.
Answer: reap

16. When all men _______, no man hears.
Answer: speak

17. When children stand _______, they have done some ill.
Answer: still

18. When Greek meets _______, then comes the tug of war.
Answer: Greek

19. When I lent, I had a _______; when I asked, he was unkind.
Answer: friend

20. When in _______, leave out.
Answer: doubt

21. When in Rome, do as the _______ do.
Answer: Romans

22. When one _______ shuts, another opens.
Answer: door

23. When the cat is away, the _______ will play.
Answer: mice

24. Where there is a _______, there is a way.
Answer: will

25. Where there is _______, there is fire.
Answer: smoke

26. While there is _______, there is hope.
Answer: life

27. Who keeps company with the _______ will learn to howl.
Answer: wolf

28. Why keep a _______ and bark yourself?
Answer: dog

29. A _______ lasts but nine days.
Answer: wonder

30. A word is enough to the _______.
Answer: wise

31. A _______ spoken is past recalling.
Answer: word

32. Words cut more than _______.
Answer: swords

33. _______ is worship.
Answer: Work

34. The worst _______ of the cart creaks most.
Answer: wheel

35. You cannot burn the _______ at both ends.
Answer: candle

36. You cannot catch old _______ with chaff.
Answer: birds

37. You cannot have it _______ ways.
Answer: both

38. You cannot have the _______ and eat it too.
Answer: cake

39. You cannot make a _______ walk straight.
Answer: crab

40. You cannot make an omelet without breaking _______.
Answer: eggs

41. You cannot put an old head on young _______.
Answer: shoulders

42. You cannot _______ the cow and drink the milk.
Answer: sell

43. You cannot teach an old dog new _______.
Answer: tricks

44. You may lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make him _______.
Answer: drink

45. You must lose a _______ to catch a trout.
Answer: fly

46. You never know what you can do till you _______.
Answer: try

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